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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mud Season in Santa Fe

A couple days ago, snow frosted all plants, buildings and sculptural art works along Canyon Road; it was like walking into the scene inside a sugar Easter egg.  Oddly the pavement was clear---evidence of warmth releasing from Earth's heart beneath Santa Fe from several warm days before this mid-spring 'winter'.

Having already adjusted to spring, donning the scarf, boots and gloves again felt like a few steps backward---except that it was so pure and delightful to walk the loop from Garcia to Acequia Madre to Canyon Road and see this gentle (AND THANKFULLY MOIST) icing on a beautiful dessert.  New landscaping and gardens had begun and were in pause-mode while we all smiled at the gift of the great garden cake decorator, Mother Nature.

Along this walk, are two sculpted bears in a perpetual, nested together, nap in front of Sage Creek Gallery.  These bears, like a huge twin bear fetish, always make me smile----on April 3rd, covered in their snowy blanket, I laughed out loud.  Imagining them cavorting in the night up and down Canyon Road, they now rested together in their heart-centered garden room.  Such stories seed the most endearing landscape and garden designs----the things that open our hearts also open the garden gate.

Mid-spring snows at 7,000 ft of altitude can be a game changer.  Sometimes the snow acts as insulation, keeping the buds from a hard freeze, sometimes not.  Many of the trees flowering for fruits later in the season were in bloom.  Time will tell whether this snow event will sap a bit of that vitality, reducing or eliminating the production of apricots and other delicacies.  Perhaps the Goddess brought this weather adjustment due to how terribly dry we are and the need for moisture to get those fruits to market may just not be in the offing this year.  She does know best.

So Santa Fe is in mud will likely last until the weekend.  ; =

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  1. Yes!! our Spring snow this week, was particularly nourishing and evidence of the splendid miracles of the seasons' change in the mountains.

    Gracie was so inspired by the mud the other night, in the backyard...the rich earth and all the smells of life. Particularly wound up..she went back to jumping her 6' fence to visit her neighbor dogs and their world of smells. Then she came back and leaped upon all the furniture whirling at full speed... to make sure I got to have mud too.