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Sunday, April 22, 2012

EARTH DAY---what is greening up in you?

Along the way in Bear Canyon today, a question appeared, "What is 'greening-up' in you right now?"  Spring has come and gone and returned a few times this year.  Now it seems in earnest.  The wildly divergent 'greens' I see these past few days, must have stimulated the question.  It is a good one to ask.

What shows up along side this question is, "What are you nourishing right now?"  That brought me up short.  Am I nourishing what is healthy and progressive for me?  Is what is greening up healthy new growth or is it a growth which seeks to keep things as they have always been?  It all seems to boil down to what is it that increases my engagement in life; even if it is new and different from years past.  Questioning the way things have always been seems appropriate.  This is a gift of spring.

So what_is_greening up in me right now?  It seems to require deeper honesty, more playfulness and a willingness to let go of making big plans.  God shows up, after all, in the unexpected.  So, how do I find a balance of taking action toward desires and then letting it all flow.......releasing all expectations?  Daily experiences of emotional contentment---several a day actually---help me.  Noticing what shows up and how I feel are big clues.  Clues to what is greening up and what I am nourishing.

If this is a good question for you, too....consider sharing here a bit of what you see and feel.  We can be good for each other by gardening each others hearts.  So what is greening up for you?  Leave a comment if you like.  HAPPY EARTH DAY!

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  1. A delayed response...mostly cause I was "waiting for my answer"! I hold dear, my memory of a very special experience with my back yard about 9 or 10 years ago.

    (Elizabeth)You had offered to help me experience a deeper connection with the plants, trees, elementals who inhabit my back yard. I remember being very excited for this sit out there with see what might come.

    You asked me for my question(s) for them. So, thinking I ought to keep them simple and to "their world", I asked: 1) If there was anything I could do to help my beech-like tree who appeared to be dwindling. (about a quarter of it's branches were dying)

    The answer was "pruning...and that it was slowly dying, but would live as long as it took me, to prune what I needed to, from my life".

    Whoa!! so much for "simple questions and answers about trees"

    Just in the last 2 weeks...I realized the tree's remaining 1/8 of life that had bloomed last year, wasn't showing buds. I stopped in my tracks...was it possible that I have finished "pruning" my life...enough, so that a new chapter might finally be ready to root?

    Thanks Elizabeth for this gift. Such a lesson in patience!