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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tapestry Threads

For the past week, travel took me to Columbus, Ohio.  While the focus of this trip was the ordination ceremony of my beautiful and compassionate daughter, Lisa; it was very apparent that the trip also offered a time of reviewing the tapestry threads of my life.  

The first morning's walk along paths at Mingo Park in Delaware, Ohio---where I lived for many years---was followed by a customary drive by all the places that filled our lives while the girls were growing up.  There was a distinct feeling of Ariadne's thread showing me where I had been---that I could go into crevices and crannies of long ago without worry that I might not find my way back.  It didn't take much to reconnect with how blessed I perfect it all is, the challenges, too.  I wept tears of joy in knowing that the way is always guided, in knowing the threads are strong and varied.

This trip quickly filled up with family and friends' time----many reconnections occurred during this week long visit.   Each rendezvous renewed my sense of how meaningful these people are in my story and how layered, nuanced and beautifully detailed the tapestry of my life is.  Some friends I had not seen in recent years, but we pick up as though no time has passed.  How comforting that always is!!

In this time of reinventing my life path going forward, it was enormously relevant to remember and renew what has supported and given meaning to all the years already walked.  It is clear that these magnificent people go with me into the days ahead. Thank for this!!

Are you experiencing, right now, a renewed sense of the threads of the tapestry of your life?  What has shown up for you?

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