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Monday, May 21, 2012

Force of Nature

Something subtle, but noticeable, about forces of nature is the giving, giving, giving nature of these forces.  Water, light, heat, air move out from concentrations to dissolution...nothing left un-given.  Water your tomato plant and the water doesn't stay there around this one plant, but moves out through the garden and continues to spread until it reaches the farthest it can.  Heat from the fireplace or campfire does the same.  The light from that campfire, the same.  Ever notice how the dark of night rings the campfire's reach......light goes as far as it can, gives all it has and meets the edge of night.

Science calls this running out of juice, the second law of thermodymamics, the law of entropy....spent, finished, kaput.  Sounds kind of negative.  Is it possible that we are missing the benevolent nature of this spreading out as far as possible.  Serving completely, giving freely.  What a model for humanity and community this is.

Somehow we see in society an awful lot of sucking all resources from the farthest reaches---all the little guys---to concentrate where the few get most.  What is that about?  Certainly not benevolence or spreading out the resources to the full community.  And looking at what happened in Joplin, Missouri a year ago.......the sucking of a natural force in the other direction, from dissolution to concentration, into a whirlwind of air that destroyed a town and took 160 lives, the lesson of what happens when things go in the wrong direction is clear.

Looking at the forces of nature, you can't help but learn that benevolence is the way to go.

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